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Wild Child Resource Pack
£120 (excl VAT)

Before Dawn on January 9th 1800, a remarkable creature came out of the woods, near the village of Saint-Sermin in Southern France. Animal in behaviour, human in form, speechless and naked . . . he could only make weird meaningless cries.

So begins WILD CHILD, an incomparable work by the renowned LUDUS DANCE COMPANY, which tells the story of this boy, then goes on to explore the boundaries of ‘civilised’ behaviour.

This engaging dance work is suitable for primary and secondary school pupils, further and higher education students and teachers in training.

The multimedia resource pack gives unparalleled access to the dance via carefully designed methods of presentation and access to the video, and through wonderful notes, questions and worksheets. The pack consists of the Performance disc, the Creative Dancework disc, the resource book and a full score audio disc.
• Gain deeper understanding of the choreography of the work to inform their compositions. • Appreciate the qualities in the performance of the dancers, and improve their own performance skills. • Learn and perform parts of Wild Child Develop an understanding of, and ability to, safely perform some contact improvistaion technique for use in their own compositions.

Software for PC only
2 CD-ROM discs, Audio CD and Resource Book
Released 2001


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