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Vocalise - Improving Dance Performance II
£135 (excl VAT)

Improve your performance through learning this beautiful dance by Jaqueline Smith-Autard choreographed to Sergei Rachmaninov's piece arranged for cello & piano.

This revolutionary teacher's resource pack allows effortless and detailed analysis of the dance footage for learning the piece. The piece is in a classic-modern style in a similar vein to Martha Graham or Merce Cunningham and can be described as an "intermediate" level dance in terms of difficulty.
It was choreographed for students of dance who have already mastered basic modern dance skills, and is suitable for A-Level Dance in schools to Higher Education in colleges and universitites. It could also be very useful to intermediate modern dance students in dance schools or conservatoires.

The pack includes a comprehensive resource book featuring worksheets and methods of use. The included DVD-ROMs are packed full of video and useful software.
Vocalise also features a free video toolkit called VOCTOOLS. This bonus software is a early demo version of our pioneering FORMotion video toolkit. It allows you unlimited access to all video footage of the dance via two screens with functions such as LOOP, MIRROR, SYNC and many other utilities for really getting the most out of all the different camera angles provided.

Software for PC and MAC
Resource Book and Toolkit Guide
Released 2008


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