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Step Dance - Wild Child Mini Resource Pack I
£60 (excl VAT)

From the team that brought you Wild Child comes a new introductory pack aimed at early years dance teaching. In particular, this multimedia teacher's resource is aimed at Primary Schools (ages 7 - 11, KS2 in UK schools), but is also ideal as an introduction to dance for slightly older pupils (ages 11 - 14, KS3 in UK schools).

This title deals with a particular piece - THE STEP DANCE - part of our highly successful major title The Wild Child Resource Pack.

It is performed by the Ludus Dance Company, the leading specialists in taking performances directly into schools via extended residences.

The Mini Resource pack itself features a colourful and interactive CD-ROM with accompanying Teacher's Resource Book. Lesson plans include composing, performing and appreciation activities - the latter encourage development of language to describe and interpret dances and increase of skills to listen and respond to music.

Software for PC or MAC
CD-ROM + Teacher's Resource Book
Released 2006


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