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Motifs for a Solo Dancer - Improving Dance Performance I
£50 (excl VAT)

Improve your performance through detailed study of this Graham Technique-based dance.

Choreographed by Jacqueline Smith-Autard specifically for teaching performance, and demonstrated by the excellent Lauren Potter, this 3 minute piece has been filmed from many different camera angles against a pristine blue backdrop, to provide you with maximum information when studying the work.
Motifs for a Solo Dancer is actually a re-release of Bedford Interactive's first ever project (1989) dubbed 'the dance disc' which won a BIVA award that year.

Its features are just as unique and innovative as they were nearly 25 years ago, except now you can enjoy them on any laptop computer!

• Learn Labanotation using the special synchronised display.

• Study the dance from 39 optional views

• Floor map for spatial orientation

• Loop the section you are learning

• Instant access to any phrase in the dance

Software for PC or MAC

Released 2003


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