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Choreographic Outcomes
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Choreographic Outcomes is a large resource pack for teaching dance composition. It is the flagship release from Bedford Interactive featuring hours of video resources, hundreds of worksheets and some of our most innovative multimedia to date.

It is aimed at improving students choreography through detailed study of a Solo work and several pieces derived from/inspired by it, including duo, trio and quintet compositions by three different choreographers.
• Study of FORM through detailed choreographic analysis of "Motifs for a Solo Dancer" - Key Motifs, Form Charts, Phrase Structures, Floor and Air Patterns.

• Study of Time and Space Orchestration of Motifs, Repetition, Developments, Variations in an alternative Solo and Duo, Trio, Quintet excerpts. Multimedia supported by a Resource Book and DANCE COMPOSITION – 6th edition 2010 – including a DVD made by Bedford Interactive
CDROMs, RESOURCE BOOK, Dance Composition textbook
Software for PC or MAC

Released 2005


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